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My Experience This Week: I had a big energy boost this week, 4 days of consistent energy is a pretty good stretch for me at this point! I’ve heard it’s common to get an energy boost before delivery, often times referred to as “Nesting”. I’ve been able to get much more done around the house and it feels really good!! Here’s a link to more info I found interesting about what to expect if you get this welcomed energy boost!

Birth Plan: All Natural water birth is still the plan for me! The bathroom is 90% done, I’m so glad the bathtub is in place ready to go! We really cut it close but if the baby came right now we could make it happen! With that being said the shower head and toilet and faucets to the sinks still have to be hooked up!! Ideally that will all be done shortly so the bathroom will be perfect for the birth of our baby girl!! Fingers crossed she doesn’t arrive until everything is complete!

What I Ate: I’m questioning if my energy boost had anything to do with the new Herbally Ground supplements I starting taking this week. I’m taking a few different all natural plant based supplements, a couple of which had been regulars for me like the Balance & Happy Back, but this week I decided to add more! Here’s my list and I feel great so far!


-Happy Back




Here’s a link to Herbally Grounded products! Another thing I really love is the glass containers the product comes in, I’m anti plastic for many reasons so it’s just a perk for me!


I also satisfied my sweet tooth this week by making Avocado Smoothies!! Don’t laugh they are SO good!! Here’s my recipe

Serves 2

2 ripe avocados

1/3 cup of Honey (or to taste)

3/4 cup of whole milk


Blend together! Should be a thick whipped consistency! Enjoy!


Cravings: Peanut butter! I added it to my oatmeal, yogurt and even just by the spoonful!!

I’ve also been bringing up Ice Chips the past couple weeks, but that slowed down this week, I also think that might be in part to my liquid Floradix I’ve been taking this week. Floradix is a liquid iron supplement I took when I was fighting, my doctor recommended it then and my midwife had it on my Home Birth list so I purchased it again and I’ve begun taking it again now in advance to the delivery. Ice cravings can be indicative of Iron deficiency so I wonder if that has anything to do with my ice chip munching slowing a little. I chose Floradix because the benefit to liquid iron is it’s MUCH more readily absorbed by the body.

Craving Ice while pregnant, should you be concerned?


Total Weight Gained: 31lbs

Things I miss: I’m so grateful and energetic this week I’m not focused on what I’m missing. I know the day my daughter arrives in the world draws near and I just need to enjoy this last beautiful part of pregnancy!

Highlights: The indoor maternity shoot we did! It’s just exactly as I had envisioned and I’m so happy with the photos I have seen so far! Here’s a sneak peak!


Looking Forward To: My bathroom being completely finished!!

Movement: Baby girl is still in the same position, head down but ROT which isn’t ideal but regardless I do my exercises everyday and trust she will move into the correct anterior position once labor begins!

Emotions: I feel SO good! I have a lot of energy and I’m excited! Also a bit nervous suddenly. As I approach 38 weeks I realize I’m in the green light part of the pregnancy so I could go ANY time and it’s nerve wracking not knowing when that will be.

Body Changes: My pelvic bone hurts a lot this week. It cracks and pops sometimes in the middle of my pelvic bone which is something I’ve never experienced. It hurts the first couple of air squats till I get going. It hurts to get out of bed to pee at night or put my pants on standing up as I shift weight from one leg to the other. I definitely have to take my time even getting out of a sitting position because it can be painful if I rush it. I looked up why and found this article informative.

Skin Care: I haven’t talked about this previously but obviously I’m hoping to avoid stretch marks. From what I’ve researched it’s mostly hereditary. My mom didn’t get any, I don’t have any yet so fingers crossed. Every night we put organic lotion or oil on my tummy and I also put lotion after a shower because they say it’s the best time to seal the moisture in. Most important for me is that the skin care products I use are organic. Our skin is our largest organ and it’s permeable so everything you put on your skin goes into your body. I think man made chemicals can be harmful so I just prefer not to take that risk while pregnant! That includes deodorant!!

Mentality: I’m really focused on my mind the closer my due date approaches. I’m reading a book called the “Natural Pregnancy “ right now since I’m so close I’m picking out the chapters and parts I feel are most important. I’ve been visualizing going into labor after a good nights rest, and I’m planning out what I’d like to do when my labor first begins and so far I’ve narrowed it down to one of 2 things… either watch a movie (Braveheart most likely, one of my all-time favorites) OR bake a cake haha! I thought maybe I could bake a delicious cake for myself so after she is born I can have my celebratory cake and eat it too!!

Clothing: It’s getting hot in Las Vegas so shorts, skirts, dresses…..anything comfortable and breathable!

Pregnancy Hack: Maeband! Maeband! Maeband! I’m so glad I didn’t have to invest in maternity pants! Saving money with Maeband waist extenders for pants and looking good doing it!


Thanks for reading!! Until next week (or until baby arrives)!!

-Miesha Tate

My Birth Plan

For anyone present in the room

Environment- I predict I will enjoy a light hearted atmosphere but a more focused and relaxed atmosphere as the intensity progresses. I envision low lights, earthy music, low voices and a lot of positive reinforcement

Papa- I plan to rely on you for strength. It’s really important to me that you try to say the right things that keep me in a positive mindset. I will rely on your undivided attention more and more as the intensity increases. I want you to be in the bath with me, seated behind me. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too, I need you strong and focused!

Things I will want to hear

– You got this

– Remember to breathe and relax

– You’re doing so great

– You’re doing this for your baby

– You can do this

– Embrace the pain

-You’re so strong

-I’m so proud of you

Things I don’t want to hear

  • No soft comparisons, example: “Think of yourself as a flower opening up”
  • Don’t overuse the term “Relax” I feel like that could get irritating
  • Sarcasm
  • Later in Labor I doubt I’ll want to hear jokes

During Labor

I want to deliver my baby in the tub. I plan to have Dad sitting behind me. I only want Daddy behind me, I don’t want him to catch the baby or be in the view of the delivery process at all.

I want to avoid an episiotomy. Please use whatever natural methods including perennial massage, oils and reminding me to take my time when the baby is crowning to avoid tearing.

-Massage my lower back

For the Baby

Skin to Skin contact with me immediately

No cord clamping. I want the Placenta to finish delivering nutrients before Daddy cuts the cord.

Breast Feeding is important to me so any help encouraging that is great.

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