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How The Maeband Works.

Temporarily adjust the size of your favorite pants throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Keep your pants unbuttoned, loop the Maeband over and through the two front belt loops, velcro at a comfortable setting, and feel your waistband stretch.



Maeband pregnancy belly bands are made with a 95% cotton and 5% spandex fabric that covers a premium elastic band. Each size has a durable adjustable velcro clasp to allow a custom fit for all body types. Maeband belly bands are the most functional maternity accessory that keeps you feeling comfortable and stylish when nothing else can.



Midnight Black / Black Maeband Logo – Shop Now

Pearl White / Gray Maeband Logo – Shop Now

Royal Blue / Silver Maeband Logo – Shop Now



Measure between your two front belt loops for exact fitting.

Small: 6″ – 7 1/2″ (Often Fits Pants Size 1-6 or 26-31)

Medium: 7 1/2″ – 9″ (Often Fits Pants Size 7-12 or 32-37)

Large: 9″ – 11″ (Often Fits Pants Size 13-18 or 38-43)

To make sure your zipper stays up, move the zipper tab in the down position after you zip your pants. This locks the zipper to keep it from unzipping.

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