Halé Adams graduated from Western Governors University with her Bachelor of Arts in Special Education, after getting her emergency certification as a substitute teacher. She is currently enrolled to earn her Masters in Curriculum. Halé has been working as an elementary special education teacher for three years and fell in love with being in the classroom. Additionally, she is a volunteer photographer for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and provides portraits to families experiencing infant loss. Halé has a daughter entering kindergarten in the fall and is dedicated to giving her the childhood that Halé dreamed of as a young girl.

What is your passion and mission in life?

My childhood was nothing short of traumatic. The one thing that kept me grounded was school. School was
my safe place. I connected with every adult I possibly could and did everything I could to get recognized as
being well-behaved and smart. I excelled in school. I began collecting certificates from every school I attended
and 17 schools later I graduated from North Medford High School with a plan to escape the chaos that was my

I moved to Washington and attended Pacific Lutheran University. I pursued a BA in Psychology while working multiple jobs to get through school. Life didn’t necessarily get easier. I struggled with my mental health and to this day am still processing and working through my trauma. I decided to go back to school and get my teaching license when I was living in a 5th wheel while my husband was going to school to become a farrier, and I was taking care of our newborn daughter. I struggled with postpartum depression and had many breastfeeding and postpartum complications. I was emergency certified as a substitute teacher and I fell in love being in the classroom. I wanted to be and embody the many teachers that helped me get through life. I am now three years in, working as an elementary special education teacher.

What is your biggest hardship and how did you overcome it? 

How has this adversity affected raising children?

I have a daughter entering kindergarten in the fall and I have been working nonstop to give her the childhood that I could only dream of.  Earning a degree from WGU will not only help me achieve my dreams of giving my daughter a stable and loving childhood, but to also be a teacher that leads by example and encourages her students to never give up. I work with students that are faced not only with disabilities, but also come from low income and challenging home lives. I want to be the teacher that so many teachers were for me. I made it because of the amazing, caring educators that believed in me and encouraged me to keep pushing forward. I want nothing more than to inspire my students and be the teacher that surrounds them with love and the belief that they are capable of anything they set their mind to.



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