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My Experience This Week: My energy boost from last week has disappeared. I’m tired again this week and although I think I’ve slept pretty well throughout my pregnancy but it’s finally hit the point where it’s hard to get a good nights rest. I’ve been tossing and turning at night which is not easy to do in itself! My tummy seems to have “dropped” a little making it to where I have to pee more often which also wakes me more. I have to transition from laying down to sitting up slowly though because it’s painful as the baby’s weight shifts positions.

As I approach my 39th week, many people are reaching out daily to see if the baby has come yet. It’s honestly been getting a bit overwhelming because I’m disappointed she’s not here yet so each day that goes by and people ask, it’s kind of a bummer. Since it’s my first pregnancy it’s more likely to go over my due date (May 26th). I feel like I’ll cry if I go over but I’m trying to come to terms with the fact it may work out that way, but I have to remind myself I still have a week until I’m actually “due” and she will come when she is good and ready.

Here’s a link explaining Dropping or Lightening

Birth Plan: Still all natural home water birth but we did tour the nearest hospital’s labor and delivery unit just in case we have to transport to the hospital so we have our plan B all mapped out!

What I Ate: Shrimp tacos, I couldn’t get enough! SO delicious

Cravings: Mango frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruit, gummy bears and whipped cream! I had to have it 2 days in a row and if I wasn’t so tired I would have gone 3 days in a row!

Total Weight Gained: 29 lbs (down 2 lbs but I think its mostly extra fluid retention loss)

Things I miss: Consistency, I feel like I can’t count on my body to be consistent with anything. Everyday is a guessing game of how I will feel at any point. My energy is inconsistent as well as my mood.

Highlights: Mothers Day!! I’m not sure if I technically qualify as a “Mommy” yet but Johnny made the point that I’m already doing a lot to make this baby, he feels like I’m doing Mommy work so he made Mothers Day very special. He gave me this beautiful white robe, and in pink I saw the letter M embroidered, as I unfolded the robe to read what I expected to say Miesha, I read the word Mom and I started to cry, talk about pregnancy emotions! I cried because it was my first Mothers Day gift, very special to me! He also brought me breakfast in bed, knowing I don’t like syrup on my french toast, he brought it on the side just in case!

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Looking Forward To: My best friend coming to visit from Belgium! I hope she will be here for the birth!!

Movement: Amaia is so active and responsive, she’s a big kicker although her movements are more like a strong pressure as she’s running out of room. She kicks out so hard she can raise spots on my tummy a good 2 inches! Strong little baby!!

Emotions: I’m feeling pressure to have the baby and I get upset sometimes that she’s not here already.

Body Changes: I went to a chiropractor that’s supposed to help align me for the birth. I had 2 appointments, I felt good but I’m just not sure if it makes a huge difference or not. I’m always suspect of this sort of thing but I’ve heard it really can help for the delivery so I guess it’s worth the extra expense if it does!

Skin Care: Still NO STRETCH MARKS! Fingers crossed!! Here are some tools I used throughout my pregnancy to keep the collagen strong and my skin well moisturized. Here’s my advice.

1-Stay well hydrated. Hydrated skin is healthy skin. I start every morning with a LARGE glass of water with all my mixed greens, probiotic, prebiotic fiber and Collagen! (Look at my last blog for the specific brands I chose)

2- Organic Oils or lotions- I really liked Angel Oil by Herbally Grounded. It has a soothing smell and feels really good on my skin. I always apply after Showers and before bed, before bed is important because you’re more likely to scratch hard at night while sleeping and cause stretch marks, moisturized skin is less itchy! Stick with organic, your body will absorb what you put ON your skin so think if the ingredients aren’t something you’d feel good about ingesting (I don’t mean the ingredients have to sound tasty but think if they are whole ingredients instead of man made chemicals you can’t pronounce) then maybe you shouldn’t put it on your skin either??

3- Eat lots of Vitamin C- I’ve used Garden of Life Vitamin C supplements as well as eating fruits which naturally have good amounts of vitamin C!

4- Eat Collagen- I have been eating bone broth, chicken and beef! Pho is a great source (if it’s made from real bones) but watch the sodium consumption! My friend Travis made me bone broth from scratch, low in sodium and so delicious! You can get bones usually from local butchers or cook a whole chicken and make your own bone broth I’ll include a recipe! I also added Collagen to my morning water ritual mix!

Bone Broth Recipe

5- Support Belly Bands- I don’t like maternity pants because I feel like the pull DOWN on and already heavy belly. I much prefer to wear my larger normal jeans unbuttoned at the top with my Maeband pregnancy jean extender and a separate elastic support band that does not pull down but up and in a little. I’ve researched that the connective tissue tearing below the skin is what causes stretch marks so why not support and take some of the strain off of your connective tissue? It’s just my theory but so far so good for me!

I’ve been using something similar to #9 for workouts and #13 daily and for workouts.


Mentality: I’m honestly getting more nervous. I go through my stages of confidence and stages of nervousness. I just don’t know what to expect and many people feel like sharing their birth experience or any birth experience even if it wasn’t their own. Sometimes the reactions when I tell them I’m planning an all natural birth make me more anxious. They say “You’re crazy” or “It’s the worst pain ever”. I also get the “but you’ve got this it’ll be easy for you”…… well I’m not sure what if any of that makes me feel better. Just because I’m a former “fighter” choice doesn’t mean I’m above feeling pain, but hopefully they are correct in my ability to mentally decipher pain. That’s where I feel the most confident. I remind myself that women were made to do this…. that I AM MADE to do this, and I CAN do it. I’ve chosen an all natural home birth not for myself but for my baby. I truly believe a drug free birth is the absolute best way I can deliver my child.

Best Purchase/Gift: I received a “Bump Box” and I LOVE it! It’s full of great things so I can pamper myself in this last stretch of pregnancy! Such a treat! A great gift to give a mommy to be even if you’re giving the gift to yourself!! You deserve it!! Making a human is NOT easy.

Pregnancy Hack: If it’s hot, like it is now get yourself a little fan you can hang around your neck, particularly a little one you can mist water on yourself! SERIOUS life savor in this Vegas heat!

Thanks for reading!! Until next week (or until baby arrives)!!

-Miesha Tate

My Birth Plan

For anyone present in the room

Environment- I predict I will enjoy a light hearted atmosphere but a more focused and relaxed atmosphere as the intensity progresses. I envision low lights, earthy music, low voices and a lot of positive reinforcement

Papa- I plan to rely on you for strength. It’s really important to me that you try to say the right things that keep me in a positive mindset. I will rely on your undivided attention more and more as the intensity increases. I want you to be in the bath with me, seated behind me. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too, I need you strong and focused!

Things I will want to hear

– You got this

– Remember to breathe and relax

– You’re doing so great

– You’re doing this for your baby

– You can do this

– Embrace the pain

-You’re so strong

-I’m so proud of you

Things I don’t want to hear

  • No soft comparisons, example: “Think of yourself as a flower opening up”
  • Don’t overuse the term “Relax” I feel like that could get irritating
  • Sarcasm
  • Later in Labor I doubt I’ll want to hear jokes

During Labor

I want to deliver my baby in the tub. I plan to have Dad sitting behind me. I only want Daddy behind me, I don’t want him to catch the baby or be in the view of the delivery process at all.

I want to avoid an episiotomy. Please use whatever natural methods including perennial massage, oils and reminding me to take my time when the baby is crowning to avoid tearing.

-Massage my lower back

For the Baby

Skin to Skin contact with me immediately

No cord clamping. I want the Placenta to finish delivering nutrients before Daddy cuts the cord.

Breast Feeding is important to me so any help encouraging that is great.

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