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My Experience This Week: My weight is fluctuating a lot. I think a big part has to do with fluid retention, I’m just bloated and the only thing that seems to truly help is to get a good workout in but even then sometimes by the end of the day my ankles are swollen again.

I’m also experiencing crazy appetite change, one day this week I got SO hungry I felt shaky and I went to Tropical Smoothie, ordered a chicken pita and a smoothie and then decided to go to Inn & Out (which I never do) and get a double double cheeseburger!! I ate them both and about half the smoothie and was satisfied. It’s not like I can blame it on skipping breakfast either! I was just randomly consumed by this monstrous hunger, but I listened to my body!! The next day I was less hungry than normal and didn’t eat a lot so it definitely comes and goes!

Birth Plan: Still the same! Home water birth! Feeling excited and a bit anxious. Happy to meet our little girl but realizing I could go into labor anytime now, plus I have no idea what I’m in for so it’s a little nerve racking but I have to remind myself I GOT THIS!

What I Ate: I wan’t so great this week, I gave into temptation more, I had this strawberry cream cheese stuffed french toast that was super yummy! I’ve been pretty good about taking my prenatals and fish oils (I use Garden of Life) and my probiotics, greens, balance and happy back by Herbally Grounded. My morning ritual starts every morning with a large glass of water, my probiotics and greens mixed in usually with a flavored BCAA powder for flavor and some frozen strawberries.


Cravings: Ice Chips are a staple for me now, I don’t go a day without chewing on ice. It’s like crack for me I swear!! I was craving frozen yogurt again but I didn’t get any this week, I did buy real fruit popsicles though!! So yummy!

Total Weight Gained: 30 lbs

Things I miss: I miss being able to lay on my back. It’s even a struggle just to roll from one side to the other and so many things make me feel short of breath… It’s really getting packed in there, I know she’s got to come soon!!

Highlights: My maternity shoot was absolutely AMAZING. It was really everything I could have hoped for! Johnny and I did the shoot in Boise, ID where he is from. I’m glad we did it there because myself being from the PNW I am happy about the trees and greenery as opposed to the Vegas landscape. Here’s a sneak peak of the shoot! More photos to come!!




We also finished the nursery! Here’s the before and afters!


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Looking Forward To: My indoor maternity shoot, sounds silly maybe but I wanted to do an outdoor and indoor shoot. I picture my indoor shoot mostly black and white photos in the nursery with more of an intimate feel!

Movement: Since I’ve been doing more exercises to get my baby girl into position I’ve felt slight changes but either way it seems like she has a little more room to navigate. My midwife says “Trust that she knows what to do to get into the right position come time” So I’m holding to that idea! No matter what I’m delivering her anyways even if she is facing the wrong way she’s still head down so I can be thankful for that.

Emotions: I’m tired a lot and that can make me feel a little down about the lack of energy and ability to accomplish everything I’d like to in a day but I will say I’m a big fan of Herbally Grounded’s product “Balance” I really feel like it helps me keep my emotions in check.

Body Changes: I’m puffy, my face, arms, ankles and obviously my stomach!! I really hate the water retention!!

Clothing: Skirts and loose dresses, I am trying to help my circulation flow as best as possible so I’m staying more away from capri leggings because the swelling pools in my ankles more or so it seems.

Best Purchases: A gift from Daddy to be- A beautiful necklace with the letter A for Amaia. We have finally decided on a name and with Dad’s blessing we are good to go! Amaia it is!


Pregnancy Hack: Nothing new this week really! Loving my maeband pregnancy belly bands! Still refusing to buy maternity pants, they’re ugly in my opinion.


Thanks for reading!! Until next week!!

-Miesha Tate

My Birth Plan

For anyone present in the room

Environment- I predict I will enjoy a light hearted atmosphere but a more focused and relaxed atmosphere as the intensity progresses. I envision low lights, earthy music, low voices and a lot of positive reinforcement

Papa- I plan to rely on you for strength. It’s really important to me that you try to say the right things that keep me in a positive mindset. I will rely on your undivided attention more and more as the intensity increases. I want you to be in the bath with me, seated behind me. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too, I need you strong and focused!

Things I will want to hear

– You got this

– Remember to breathe and relax

– You’re doing so great

– You’re doing this for your baby

– You can do this

– Embrace the pain

-You’re so strong

-I’m so proud of you

Things I don’t want to hear

  • No soft comparisons, example: “Think of yourself as a flower opening up”
  • Don’t overuse the term “Relax” I feel like that could get irritating
  • Sarcasm
  • Later in Labor I doubt I’ll want to hear jokes

During Labor

I want to deliver my baby in the tub. I plan to have Dad sitting behind me. I only want Daddy behind me, I don’t want him to catch the baby or be in the view of the delivery process at all.

I want to avoid an episiotomy. Please use whatever natural methods including perennial massage, oils and reminding me to take my time when the baby is crowning to avoid tearing.

-Massage my lower back

For the Baby

Skin to Skin contact with me immediately

No cord clamping. I want the Placenta to finish delivering nutrients before Daddy cuts the cord.

Breast Feeding is important to me so any help encouraging that is great.

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