Our Story

Our Story

The Maeband Story


While pregnant with her fourth child, Holly needed a comfortable, stylish way to stick to her family’s budget and avoid buying expensive maternity pants. With her mom Darla Rae, Holly crafted the very first Maeband, named after her daughter Maely. Holly and Darla Rae stitched the very first prototype of the pregnancy belly band for jeans on their own sewing machine, and spent the next year perfecting the effectiveness, comfort, and style of the belly band to help other expecting moms save money.

The Maeband has gained rapid popularity among pregnant women, fashion bloggers, and active moms around the world. Within a year of being listed, it became the #1 best-selling belly band for pregnancy on Amazon. The Maeband is stretchy and adjustable, allowing it to be worn throughout all stages of pregnancy and recovery. The pregnancy belly band keeps pregnant women comfortable during any and all activities—from outdoor recreation to the office to the couch.


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About Holly

Since her first pregnancy in 2001, Holly has known that being pregnant shouldn’t mean you have to stop doing or dreaming. After trying different options to stay comfortable and stylish, she realized there was nothing–and the Maeband was born. Holly crafted the Maeband pregnancy band for jeans while pregnant with her fourth child. While pregnant with her fifth child, Holly still loved and wore her regular jeans using her Maeband belly band and stayed active through regular yoga, crossfit, weightlifting, and keeping up with her growing family.

Holly’s philosophy is that pregnant women want to keep wearing what they’ve always worn and keep doing what they’ve always done. Holly—and Maeband—aim to inspire and encourage that.

 Learn more about Holly here.

Maeband Gives Back


Charitable giving and volunteering are at the foundation of Maeband. Holly – and Maeband – are passionate about giving back to others and know that it’s the small things each one of us can do that will make a big difference in this world.

For each Maeband pregnancy belly band sold, $1 is donated to an annually selected charity or nonprofit organization. Each week, Holly and the Maeband family contribute to nonprofits or GoFundMe accounts through service or donations.  Learn more about how Maeband gives back here.

Maeband also gives back to the community by offering a scholarship each year. Maeband is committed to helping students with their educational pursuits, and is anxious to help them accomplish their goals. Maeband is proud to offer a scholarship prize to studying moms. Learn more about the scholarship here.

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