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If you are a first-time mom, and especially if you are a single mother or on a budget, pregnancy can be a terrifying time.  Although you’re excited to watch the life inside of
you grow and develop, you may also be worried about how to afford the necessities. Thankfully,
you don’t have to do it alone. There are resources that can help, and there are ways to take
care of yourself and your body to prepare for your upcoming arrival. Think on these
tips from Maeband.


Know Your Local Resources

Depending on where you live, you likely have a pregnancy resource center available to you. Most of these are nonprofit organizations that exist offer health services and education to women in need.

Another valuable resource is Medicaid. Many women are eligible for prenatal visits at no out-of-pocket cost. Plus, if you smoke, Medicaid offers cessation services for pregnant women. You can also reach out to your local church, women’s shelters, and other non-profit organizations for help. Most offer counseling services, and some can even provide supplies, such as a breast pump, formula, diapers, or infant clothing.


Enjoy the Ride

When you’re pregnant, your body is undergoing a constant state of change. LiveScience contributor Cari Nierenberg explains that these changes go beyond bigger breasts and a baby bump. Bleeding gums, a higher body temperature, and loosened joints and ligaments are all physical side effects of pregnancy. Like nearly one-third of women, you may also experience emotional changes, including anxiety and depression.

Overcoming these physical and emotional obstacles is difficult, but diet and exercise can go a long way. You may find that you feel better by making simple changes to your day, such as going for a walk after dinner and avoiding foods that make you feel bloated. Spending time with your family and friends is another way to stave off unwelcome emotions.

When money is a concern, however, you have to engage in social time without pulling out your wallet. Plan to do little things, like hosting a gender reveal party with your closest friends. You do not have to go all out with your gender reveal, and something as inexpensive as dyeing a dozen boiled eggs or making your own paper mâché volcano, are fun and innovative ways to let your friends know if you’re carrying a girl or boy. There are many creative, inexpensive and safe ideas on Pinterest

As part of your pregnancy and baby planning, you can also keep a memory book of your journey to motherhood. A simple notebook, which you can pick up at any dollar store, will suffice. Spend some time once each week documenting how you’ve changed and ways that you’ve thought about your baby. Not only will this help you harness your internal strength and positive energy, but it will also make a great gift for your child when they become an adult.


Additional Tips

Ask the hospital for full-size formula samples and coupons. Babble writer Molly Thornberg also smartly points out that your hospital should provide you with a nasal aspirator, pacifiers, baby blankets, and a few bottles if you are not planning to breast-feed. Most even have diaper bags that are sponsored by the formula companies.

Sign up for free books through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Reading to your child early in life will help you bond while putting them ahead when they start school in five years (which will be here sooner than you can imagine).

Another way to save (though not baby related) is to research if you qualify for government auto insurance in your state. This program allows low-income families to purchase the insurance they need to drive legally. If your family’s income qualifies, or your current insurance rate is way too high compared to your income, you will likely be eligible for this insurance.  

If moving to a new home is in the cards, you can also utilize free online resources to determine how much your house is worth, which is one of the first steps in coming up with a moving budget and knowing how much you can afford. Having a good idea of your home’s value gives you the foundation for setting a listing price, as well as knowing how much you’re going to need to borrow. You may be able to pocket some of the proceeds to help with baby-related expenses. Reach out to qualified real estate agents and see if they can give you some guidance.

Only a woman can nurture life and endure the pain with grace.  Only the strongest can do so without the benefit of a hefty bank balance. It may be a struggle, but it is not once you have to endure alone. Take advantage of the local resources available to you but don’t forget to revel in the joys of motherhood from the moment you find out that you are growing a life inside of you.

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