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Parenthood — and not just the prospect of it — can be terrifying. From the hidden dangers of the nursery to the sheer amount of care a baby requires, we have to be always on the alert for our newest and most vulnerable member of the family. Fortunately for us, however, phones have become the latest line of defense against the fears of parenthood, with apps for everything from medical advice to development tracking.
Before downloading and running baby apps, make sure your device is protected with a durable
and waterproof case. There are several aesthetically pleasing and functional options available.
Once your device is protected from falls and spills, Maeband invites you to read about five apps
that can allay the worst of your fears so you can get back to enjoying your child’s magical first

Fear #1: Baby’s Health

Perhaps the simplest fear we have as parents is for our child’s health. Because a baby lacks the ability to tell us how they are feeling in words, it becomes much more important for us to have all the available knowledge at our fingertips — and to have it in a quick and convenient form. Rather than taking the time to research every cry, cough, or colicky fuss, download WebMD Baby for instant access to the most relevant medical content for parents. 

Fear #2: Not Understanding Baby

The lack of words doesn’t need to prevent all communication between you and your newborn. Gain a better understanding and reduce frustrations on both sides by teaching your baby sign language. To make the process easy and fun, take advantage of the simple, animated interfaces in Baby Sign and Learn Lite. The app allows you to choose which signs will be most helpful to both you and your child while entertaining and engaging their brain in the process.

Fear #3: Missed Milestones

Nobody wants to forget their child’s first word or miss out on important daily routines. BabyTime provides an easy way to track everything from diaper changes to developmental milestones, and it allows you to invite other registered caregivers — family members, nannies, or others — to log their interactions as well. Not only does this app make tracking and sharing progress easier, but it also allows you to keep an eye out for any changes or trends in their daily habits.

Fear #4: Baby’s Safety

Alleviate your fears when your newborn is in another room — or even another town. The Baby Monitor 3G app allows you to use your phone, tablet, or computer to keep an eye on your baby in real-time. Monitor their noise and movement without the hassle or range limits of a dedicated baby monitor device, and take advantage of the simple, intuitive design so you can focus on what’s important: the baby on the other side of the camera.

Fear #5: Becoming Overwhelmed

It can be difficult not to feel as though, in the midst of parenthood, you’re slowly losing your personal life. While it’s true that having a child means your day-to-day life will never be the same, it’s still important to pay attention to your own needs and manage your habits, tasks, and musings. To that end, there’s no better app on the market than DayOne. Both a journal and so much more, DayOne allows you to easily jot down ideas and reminders throughout the day, and it keeps your info seamlessly synced across devices. It will also show you what you documented “On This Day” in years past, which is sure to bring smiles in a couple of years when you’re reminded of the day that your baby took her first steps or said his first word.

It’s okay to feel fear when you’re a new parent — it’s a perfectly natural reaction to such a big change in your life. However, remember that you have plenty of tools right at your fingertips to help make this process a little less stressful — and a lot more enjoyable!

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