Breanna Lockwood is a wife and new mom, that struggled for years with I.V.F and infertility.  After multiple miscarriages and failed attempts at invitro, her mother, Julie, volunteered to be her gestational carrier.  Julie carried the baby to term and Breanna became the mother to a beautiful daughter, Briar Juliette.

What is your passion and mission in life?

My biggest passion now is being a mama and just raising a kind human. I also feel passionate and fertility and helping others through my own struggles.


What was your biggest fear and how did you overcome it?

My biggest fear was not being able to be a mama. It consumed my every thought and movement. Going through fertility treatment and eventually surrogacy, it felt like everything in my life was really on the line. My whole future and what direction it would take. Overcoming that was just taking it day by day and continuing to just hold on to the hope i would become a parent one way or another!

How has this fear affected pregnancy and raising your child?

I feel like the fears and struggles in my life have impacted me in a good way. Instead of constantly trying to plan life and trying to have control of every situation, it made me realize its not possible. To not sweat the small things, and enjoy the happy moments in life.


How has Maeband helped you?

My mom loved using Meaband, it allowed us to use the clothes we all previously had instead of struggling to find expensive and not so flattering maternity options.

You inspire us. How can we continue to follow your story and learn more about you?

You can follow along on IG!
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