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Being pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic means navigating a sea of uncertainty. During
difficult times like these, a solid support system is incredibly important. If you know someone
who is pregnant, they need your support now more than ever. But how do you provide support if
you have to keep a safe distance? While you might not be able to offer a hug or go shopping for
baby clothes together, there are still many ways you can provide support — without spending a
lot of money!

Inexpensive Gifts for Mom

When it comes to pregnancy gifts, people often focus on the new baby. Here are some essential
and affordable gift ideas for mom:

  • Comfortable maternity clothing — find some Kohl’s coupons to keep it under budget!
  • Some luxurious bath products made with natural materials like Epsom salts.
  • Maeband pregnancy belly bands.
  • Herbal teas to help her cut back on the caffeine.
  • Something the mom can enjoy after the baby is born, like a gift card to her favorite restaurant.

Help Her Stay Social

Due to social distancing restrictions and fears of contracting the coronavirus, pregnant women
are feeling more isolated than ever.

● Take the time to understand what your friend must be going through right now.
● Host a virtual baby shower so she doesn’t miss out on this important experience.
● Plan a regular girl’s night over video chat.
● Send a simple text to let her know you’re available if she needs help with anything.

Offer Up Your Research Skills

Is your pregnant friend looking to keep her pregnancy under budget? Help her research ways to
save money on pregnancy, delivery, and beyond.

● If her doctor prescribes prenatal vitamins, track down inexpensive generic brands.
● Offer to help her research hospitals and doctors in her insurance network.
● Help her find a birth doula to reduce her risk of complications during labor and delivery.
● Research alternatives to hospital birth. If her pregnancy is low-risk, home birth may be
more affordable — and more comfortable during the pandemic.

For women facing pregnancy during the coronavirus, social support is more important than ever.
Virtual get-togethers, self-care gifts, and tangible help can go a long way. Do what you can to
support your pregnant friend, even if you can’t be by her side.



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