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My Experience This Week: I seem to have leveled out my energy levels after a boost in week 37 and a dip in week 38, this week I’ve been tired but not in dire need of naps. I can make it through the day typically feeling well without a nap but I’m going to set time aside more often to rest even if its just laying down for a half an hour or so a day. I realize I need to be well rested because I could go into labor at any point. My worst nightmare is to go into labor right before bed after a long exhausting day, I fear I wouldn’t have the energy or mental fortitude to get through a grueling natural labor and delivery if I’m not well rested.

Birth Plan: Still all natural home water birth but we did tour the nearest hospital’s labor and delivery unit just in case we have to transport to the hospital so we have our plan B all mapped out!

What I Ate: Tacos of all sorts! It was pretty much Taco Tuesday for me everyday this week!

Nutrition Tip: I’ve been taking liquid iron, it’s important to up your iron in preparation for birth/blood loss and your baby needs iron in these final stages of development so they aren’t born with anemia themselves.

Cravings: Mango frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruit, gummy bears and whipped cream! I had to have it 2 days in a row and if I wasn’t so tired I would have gone 3 days in a row!

Total Weight Gained: 28 lbs I have no idea why I’m loosing weight, I have been working out harder than normal though and I still feel full so much of the time it’s difficult for me to eat much in a single sitting but I eat high calorie foods, peanut butter, cheese, avocado and of course dessert here and there.

Things I miss: Being comfortable at night. It’s such a process just to turn over!! The other night I shifted too quickly and I felt like someone stabbed me no joke! The round ligament pain on my lower left and right sides of my stomach can really be a pain at night. The support bands REALLY help with this though, I’m not forgetting to wear them at night ever again til I have this baby!

Highlights: My best friend Cindy coming to visit all the way from Belgium! We even went on a pretty hard 4 mile hike in red rock canyon called “Ice Box Canyon”. It’s really the only hike tolerable in the heat, it’s a lot cooler and offers more shade! I highly recommend it if you come to vegas! I’m trying to get this baby to relocate her residency while Cindy is here but she seems to really like her womb condo.

Looking Forward To: The birth of my baby. I can’t think about much else right now to be honest!

Movement: She’s still a very active little baby, just not wanting to move out of her temporary home!

Emotions: I’m anxious, nervous, excited and ready to be empowered by my birth process. The more I get out and about the better I feel though!

Body Changes: No monumental changes this week. My pelvis still pops, but hurts less when it cracks. My back has been sore since doing my second belly cast. Johnny wants me to do a third one, he just loves it haha! I appreciate that but I don’t think my body can sit there for another cast

Skin Care: Still NO STRETCH MARKS! Fingers crossed!! Here are some tools I used throughout my pregnancy to keep the collagen strong and my skin well moisturized. Here’s my advice.

1-Stay well hydrated. Hydrated skin is healthy skin. I start every morning with a LARGE glass of water with all my mixed greens, probiotic, prebiotic fiber and Collagen! ( Look at my last blog for the specific brands I chose)

2- Organic Oils or lotions- I really liked Angel Oil by Herbally Grounded. It has a soothing smell and feels really good on my skin. I always apply after Showers and before bed, before bed is important because you’re more likely to scratch hard at night while sleeping and cause stretch marks, moisturized skin is less itchy! Stick with organic, your body will absorb what you put ON your skin so think if the ingredients aren’t something you’d feel good about ingesting ( I don’t mean the ingredients have to sound tasty but think if they are whole ingredients instead of man made chemicals you can’t pronounce) then maybe you shouldn’t put it on you skin either??

3- Eat lots of Vitamin C- I’ve used Garden of life Vitamin C supplement as well as eating fruits which naturally have good amounts of vitamin C!

4- Eat Collagen- I have been eating bone broth, chicken and beef! Pho is a great source (if it’s made from real bones) but watch the sodium consumption! My friend Travis made me bone broth from scratch, low in sodium and so delicious! You can get bones usually from local butchers or cook a whole chicken and make your own bone broth I’ll include a recipe! I also added Collagen to my morning water ritual mix!

Bone Broth Recipe

5- Support Belly Bands- I don’t like maternity pants because I feel like they pull DOWN on an already heavy belly. I much prefer to wear my larger normal jeans unbuttoned at the top with my meaband belly band and a separate elastic support band that does not pull down but up and in a little. I’ve researched that the connective tissue tearing below the skin is what causes stretch marks so why not support and take some of the strain off of your connective tissue? It’s just my theory but so far so good for me!

I’ve been using something similar to #9 for workouts and #13 daily and for workouts.

Mentality: I’m concentrating on enjoying myself, not holding back too much just because I’m pregnant and honestly its relieved a lot of anxiety about the labor and just thinking about when she’s coming. I’ve went hiking a few times and even hit mitts with my striking coach I won my UFC world title with Jimmy Gifford! It was awesome! One of my favorite moments of the pregnancy so far! Getting out and about has been the key for me this week though to just take my mind off of the obvious nerves that can haunt you if you let them!


Best Purchase/Gift: My new Tigon Boxing gloves! I got to break them in the first time with my daughter in tow! I can’t wait to get back to my workouts after she’s here, the new gloves and time with my coach was really heart warming to me. I really enjoyed feeling a little like my pre pregnant self!

Pregnancy Hack: I went to walk the Railroad Tunnel Trail at Lake Mead in my pre pregnancy jean shorts (although they were a little more snug) and I even did a modified handstand and I loved my Maeband maternity pant extender for having me covered!


Thanks for following along on my pregnancy journey! I hope next week I’ll have a baby to report!!

-Miesha Tate

My Birth Plan

For anyone present in the room

Environment- I predict I will enjoy a light hearted atmosphere but a more focused and relaxed atmosphere as the intensity progresses. I envision low lights, earthy music, low voices and a lot of positive reinforcement

Papa- I plan to rely on you for strength. It’s really important to me that you try to say the right things that keep me in a positive mindset. I will rely on your undivided attention more and more as the intensity increases. I want you to be in the bath with me, seated behind me. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too, I need you strong and focused!

Things I will want to hear

– You got this

– Remember to breathe and relax

– You’re doing so great

– You’re doing this for your baby

– You can do this

– Embrace the pain

-You’re so strong

-I’m so proud of you

Things I don’t want to hear

  • No soft comparisons, example: “Think of yourself as a flower opening up”
  • Don’t overuse the term “Relax” I feel like that could get irritating
  • Sarcasm
  • Later in Labor I doubt I’ll want to hear jokes

During Labor

I want to deliver my baby in the tub. I plan to have Dad sitting behind me. I only want Daddy behind me, I don’t want him to catch the baby or be in the view of the delivery process at all.

I want to avoid an episiotomy. Please use whatever natural methods including perennial massage, oils and reminding me to take my time when the baby is crowning to avoid tearing.

-Massage my lower back

For the Baby

Skin to Skin contact with me immediately

No cord clamping. I want the Placenta to finish delivering nutrients before Daddy cuts the cord.

Breast Feeding is important to me so any help encouraging that is great.

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