My short story on my long labor:

It started at 3am May 31st. I woke up having mild cramps, but I had false labor a couple times before so I was trying not to get amped up. I couldn’t help it, I tried to go back to sleep but to no avail. I decided to let Johnny stay asleep, that is until my water broke about 7:30 am. Then I really knew this was it, I was in labor!!

We were hoping for a May baby, my due date of May 26th had come and gone but we were thinking maybe a May baby still! The contractions got stronger but not closer together (6-7 min apart). The night came and went… no May baby. June 1st we were sure she would appear so we looked up what famous people she would share a birthday with, I was excited about Alanis Morissette (one of my favorite artists ever), Marilyn Monroe and Morgan Freeman.

My friend Janelle came over as our Doula (she was incredible) about mid day and the contractions were steady, a little closer (4-5 min apart) together and gaining intensity, they really were starting to hurt. I spent time outside walking in the back yard and feeding my chickens, pausing of course for the crippling pain that momentarily captivated my body every few minutes. Then I’d resume my efforts to speed the labor by moving around, it was too hot outside to be out for long so I walked a loop in our house. Nothing seemed to help get this labor moving!

As the sun was setting we took a walk outside. That seemed to kick things into gear, the contractions were about every 2 1/2 minutes apart lasting about 50 seconds, we called the midwife and said it’s time to come!!


We drew the bath water around 11pm. Johnny and I got in the tub, I was shaking uncontrollably and I vomited. A sign that is common during “Transition” right before you start pushing. I believed I was close, after all it was nearly 2 days since labor had begun!! Midnight came and we realized she would be a June 2nd baby, but at that point I was in too much pain and utterly exhausted to care whose birthday she would be born on. Feeling no urge to push I asked my midwife to check how far I was dilated.

I was shocked to hear I was only 4 centimeters, 6 more to go!! How could that be 2 days into labor and all the symptoms of transition?!! I was frustrated and exhausted. My midwife suggested some type of tincture to slow the contractions enough to where I could sleep for 15 minutes or so between the contractions. It helped me rest for a couple of hours only to be woken in the worst pain of my life every contraction.


June 2nd is here, the sun is up and everyone is trying to get me to eat and drink. I simply cannot eat, I feel like throwing up at the thought of it, I was able to drink a little water and I finally forced some fruit down only to throw it up about an hour later when I began shaking and vomiting once again…. SURELY this time I was truly in transition. The contractions had gotten so bad, so painful and so long. It’s now noon, 12 hours since the midwife checked my cervix so I asked to be checked again.

60 hours into labor I receive the worst news, I’m only 5 centimeters dilated, only 1 centimeter more than 12 hours prior…only half way to the finish line…. at this rate I’m deteriorating faster than I’m progressing. The midwife turned to me and said “Miesha, you’ve done all you can I think it’s time to go to the hospital” unfortunately I had to agree. My water had been broken far too long. The most important thing was my daughters safety.

We left for the hospital within an hour. The game-plan was to get the lightest epidural and see if it relaxed me enough to dilate the full 10 cm. 62 hours into labor I get my first relief as the epidural is administered. I ate a jello cup and fell asleep.


The nurse woke me shortly after to say my contractions had slowed and they must administer pitocin. This happened 2 more times as my body wasn’t progressing. The Doctor came to tell me if I didn’t progress he was going to have to perform a cesarean. I dreaded the thought and I agreed to have what must have been a horse sized dose of pitocin. After all I had been through I was determined to deliver my daughter naturally.

June 3rd 12:30am the nurses woke me to say it was time to start pushing, they set everything up and about 1am it was go time! I was thrilled! I could feel my contractions they just weren’t painful. Within 20 minutes Amaia was born! It was an extremely joyous moment to see her little face for the first time. With Johnny playing Journey in the background we greeted our greatest accomplishment. She was so beautiful, love at first sight! Welcome to the world our perfect little Amaia!


Birthday: June 3rd

Time: 1:21 am

Weight: 8.2lbs

Length: 19 in


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