My Experience This Week: I realized how important it is for me to workout or move everyday because my ankles will swell some if I don’t there’s a HUGE difference in extra fluid retention from the days I workout vs the days I don’t. My appetite fell off compared to last week so I just make sure I eat enough but I don’t force myself to eat I really try to listen to what my body is telling me.

Birth Plan: I’m still planning a home water birth! I wrote my birth plan although I’m undecided if I’m totally done with it. I’ve included the birth plan following my blog if you’re curious to see!

What I Ate: I’m really making an effort to stay away from excess salt and sugars, my ankles have begun to swell according to my diet and activity level.

I’m also still concentrated on good healthy fats because I know that’s what my baby girl is thriving on right now as she is packing on the lbs!! I’m enjoying an array of fruits and making more of an effort to include those good ‘ol leafy greens! Also Continuing to focus on foods/supplements high in Omega-3’s and the active form of DHA. I really go into detail about fetal brain development and an array of reasons why this is so important in the 3rd trimester in the last blog if you missed that!

Cravings: I’m still obsessed with ice chips, I LOVE chewing on them (I’m actually eating them right now) I find it soothing and also with it getting hotter outside it’s also really nice to have something to keep me cooled off.

Total Weight Gained: 28.5 lbs

Things I miss: My independence. To be honest sometimes I feel trapped in my own body like its been taken hostage. Of course I mean that in the most loving way and I certainly don’t regret being pregnant but I miss being able to eat or drink without restrictions. Right now I have to stop and consider all my actions because it will or could affect my baby, for instance I love to hike solo or with just my dogs but now I don’t feel I should just get up and go I have to have people with me for safety measures. My workouts are limited in many ways, I can’t do straight on abs or grapple…and as sweet as people mean to be I can’t help but find myself annoyed that many seem to view me as though I’m crippled or something, like I can’t/shouldn’t do anything on my own. I guess I should be more appreciative that there are kind people who see a pregnant woman and wish to help her put groceries in her car or stow her carry on, I’m sure it’s mostly a “me” thing but it annoys me on some level because I always have prided myself on being perfectly capable of taking care of myself and because of pregnancy it has made me feel like I no longer have as much control over these aspects of my life. Now that I’m done venting haha I fortunately do know it’s temporary and the reward at the end of it all will be so worth everything pregnancy has forced me to endure.

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Highlights: My Mom and Sister threw me a baby shower in Washington so all of my family could attend.

Looking Forward To: My Maternity shoot! I’ve decided to take the photos outdoors in Boise, ID and I can’t wait! I seriously love my dress too, can’t wait to wear it!

Movement: Good news is my baby has been head down for weeks, bad news is I found out she is in the ROT (Right Occiput Transverse) position which means her back is to my right and she kicks on my left side. My Midwife asked if she had changed positions but she hasn’t for at least 6 weeks or more and I was informed she probably can’t then, that its too tight in there and she is most likely stuck in this ROT position. That means I have increased odds of back labor and her being born Posterior (her back is facing my back) which not ideal. The best way to deliver is an Occiput Anterior (OA)birth position meaning baby’s back is faced towards your belly button. I’m a bit stressed because I asked what the statistics are with ROT facing fetus and Posterior deliveries and my midwife said 80-90% of births she has attended that have late term ROT position also end up being a posterior delivery…. NOT what I wanted to hear. With that being said I’m now focused on more spinning babies research and I’ll link to what I think was helpful next week. I have done many of the exercises like bouncing on a yoga ball, inversions, sleeping/laying primarily on my left side, and even some assisted baby positioning exercises so this is REALLY discouraging to me. I’m definitely concerned especially because I plan an all natural birth so there’s no way I want the delivery to be MORE painful. I’m just really hoping there’s something that can be done or that she miraculously moves to the OA position during labor. Something to keep in mind though is to not just try to push your baby around make sure you trust whoever might be manipulating your baby in the womb to a more ideal position because I’ve heard of serious neck injuries to babies when turned aggressively/incorrectly so BE CAREFUL!!!

Spinning Babies

Here’s a link I found informative on the different birthing positions.

Emotions: I felt great! Really positive and ready to have this baby already haha!

Body Changes: I don’t even know if I can call it a baby bump anymore, more like a giant bump, my stomach is just huge!!! Not just outward but it’s wider too!

Clothing: When I was early in my pregnancy I liked loose tops because no one could tell I was pregnant but now it’s just better to stick with tight for me because there is absolutely NO hiding this belly! I like tank tops and yoga pants, still not into pregnancy pants though!!

Best Purchases: My dress for my maternity photoshoot!! It’s light pink and flowing and I just LOVE it! Here’s the link to the actual dress I ordered it was only $25.99 (not sponsored) it had a good rating and I loved the way it fit! I’ll have some maternity photos in next weeks blog!

Pregnancy Hack: Besides Maeband pregnant band for jeans which I was especially grateful for this week because I bought a new pair of Slacks (non maternity but 1 size up) for my Motivational Speaking engagement but I didn’t have to buy overpriced maternity slacks that I couldn’t use unless I’m 3rd trimester pregnant again, instead I just undid the top buttons and slapped on my Maeband belly band accessory and boom I was in business! But other than that I just realized more so how important moving and exercising is as my ankles swell here and there if I don’t move especially with travel! I notice a significant reduction in swelling if I don’t move enough!


Thanks for reading!! Until next week!!

-Miesha Tate

My Birth Plan

For anyone present in the room

Environment- I predict I will enjoy a light hearted atmosphere but a more focused and relaxed atmosphere as the intensity progresses. I envision low lights, earthy music, low voices and a lot of positive reinforcement

Papa- I plan to rely on you for strength. It’s really important to me that you try to say the right things that keep me in a positive mindset. I will rely on your undivided attention more and more as the intensity increases. I want you to be in the bath with me, seated behind me. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too, I need you strong and focused!

Things I will want to hear

– You got this

– Remember to breathe and relax

– You’re doing so great

– You’re doing this for your baby

– You can do this

– Embrace the pain

-You’re so strong

-I’m so proud of you

Things I don’t want to hear

  • No soft comparisons, example: “Think of yourself as a flower opening up”
  • Don’t overuse the term “Relax” I feel like that could get irritating
  • Sarcasm
  • Later in Labor I doubt I’ll want to hear jokes

During Labor

I want to deliver my baby in the tub. I plan to have Dad sitting behind me. I only want Daddy behind me, I don’t want him to catch the baby or be in the view of the delivery process at all.

I want to avoid an episiotomy. Please use whatever natural methods including perennial massage, oils and reminding me to take my time when the baby is crowning to avoid tearing.

-Massage my lower back

For the Baby

Skin to Skin contact with me immediately

No cord clamping. I want the Placenta to finish delivering nutrients before Daddy cuts the cord.

Breast Feeding is important to me so any help encouraging that is great.

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