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What I learned: My appetite took a serious boost this week, I’m really hungry all the time and I snack a lot. Third trimester doesn’t get any easier, still having some acid reflux thank goodness for tums! Many Mothers to be complain about not sleeping well at this point in pregnancy but I find I still sleep well, I might wake up once to pee at night but not more usually. I always try to drink a lot of water throughout the day but I stop a couple hours before bed!

Birth Plan: I’m still planning a home water birth! I haven’t written my “Birth Plan” out yet but that’s something I need to do soon obviously. Essentially I understand a written birth plan to be part of visualizing how you’d like your birth to go and also something written where those around you can familiarize themselves with what your envisioning for a perfect birth. Of course this is all subject to change but I think it will be important for my mental preparation to make natural birth as relaxed and easy as possible.

What I Ate: I’m still concentrated on good healthy fats because I know that’s what my baby girl is thriving on right now as she is packing on the lbs!! I’m enjoying an array of fruits and making more of an effort to include those good ‘ol leafy greens! Also continuing to focus on foods/supplements high in Omega-3’s and the active form of DHA. I really go into detail about fetal brain development and an array of reasons why this is so important in the 3rd trimester in the last blog if you missed that!

Cravings: This week oddly enough I’ve been craving ice chips!! I don’t know why exactly but I decided to read up on it and turns out I’m not alone. It’s fairly common for pregnant women to crave ice. Usually it’s nothing to be too concerned about because things like hot weather, anxiety or even acid reflux can be enough to lure ice craving out of seemingly nowhere. HOWEVER it could be a sign of anemia (low iron) which can be very serious as Iron is responsible for oxygenating your blood, pretty important when you’re making another human. If you are craving ice, just be safe and tell your Doctor/Midwife and they may wish to run a blood panel to make sure you are not suffering from a serious anemia condition!! Better safe than sorry!

Total Weight Gained: 28lbs


Things I miss: This week I was missing caffeine, yes it’s true, during pregnancy you’re supposed to eliminate or limit caffeine consumption to which is about 1 cup of coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker but I love tea. I traveled to Atlanta for a guest speaking engagement and I had to wake up at 7am EST which was 4am PST (my time) and that was brutal! I struggled a little with that and I wish I had a hot cup of tea to zap me awake but I decided not to drink anything but water. It took me a little longer to really wake up but eventually I did and I was happy I didn’t need to drink the caffeine!

Scary Statistic- Caffeine can have a half life of up to 80 HOURS in a fetus!!! They just don’t have the ability to process caffeine, I learned this from the podcast I’ve provided a link to below! Be careful when drinking or consuming anything with caffeine!!

Link to The Pregnancy Podcast caffeine episode which goes into detail about caffeine during pregnancy, I highly recommend listening to this episode! I learned a ton!

Highlights: The bathtub I’m going to birth in arrived!! I really splurged and got myself a really nice large tub with air and hydro jet therapy! It’s just beautiful and my heart melts to know that’s where I’ll bring my baby into the world!


Looking Forward To: Finishing the nursery! It’s so close to being totally done! I can’t wait to see the finished product come together!

Movement: The other day my baby girl kicked up under my ribs and then drug her foot outward and popped my rib!! It didn’t hurt as much as it was just uncomfortable and kind of freaked me out.

Emotions: I’m slightly more irritable but I think it’s the fatigue that set in this week, nobody likes to be tired!

Body Changes: Baby bump is still expanding, I also feel like my butt looks pregnant! I’ve tried to stay on the workout regimen but my booty has definitely grown too, maybe it’s all the air squats I do on my walks, ha!

Clothing: Still loving long dresses and yoga pants! I’ve made a lot of my pre maternity clothes work double duty so I do have a limited wardrobe but I didn’t want to invest a lot in maternity pants and other wardrobe pieces since it’s a pretty short amount of time I’d actually wear them.

Best Purchases: My beautiful birthing tub! Keep in mind if you wanted to try a water birth there are inflatable tubs you can rent for around $150. Here’s a link to my actual tub!

Pregnancy Hack: Besides Maeband pregnancy jeans extender, which I was especially grateful for this week because I bought a new pair of Slacks (1 size up) for my Motivational Speaking engagement but I didn’t have to buy overpriced maternity slacks that I couldn’t use unless I’m 3rd trimester pregnant again, instead I just undid the top buttons and slapped on my Maeband belly band accessory and boom I was in business! But other than that I just realized more so how important moving and exercising is as my ankles swell here and there if I don’t move especially with travel! I notice a significant reduction in swelling if I don’t move enough!


Thanks for reading!! Until next week!!

-Miesha Tate

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