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What I learned: The Third Trimester gets tough!! I really can’t lay on my back for more than 5 minutes at a time or I feel like I’m suffocating. Acid Reflux sucks, I have never had an issue with acid reflux before, nor do I hope to in the future…..tums have become near and dear to me. My low back hurts almost all the time, I’m so lucky my partner massages my back regularly but the pressure of my growing belly is a constant and there’s never any real relief. This last week I noticed I’m definitely slowing down, I need naps almost everyday now and I don’t see that changing for the remainder of the pregnancy! Ok so now that the complaining is done, I’ve really enjoyed my daughters stronger movements and being able to see her move across my tummy, she feels more and more like a little person inside me and I’m so excited to meet her. I talk and sing to her often and I feel so connected with her already. My early nerves about the birth have been combated with excitement.


Natural Birth: I decided fairly early on that I wanted to have a natural home birth in water. I have a midwife and I’m looking for a Doula. I decided I wanted an unmedicated, natural home water birth where I felt the environment would be the most relaxing and inviting for myself and my baby. I believe in myself whole heartedly to successfully bring my daughter into the world and I want to be in control of my body, not numb in any way. I did a pile of research on this and although I think there is a place for hospitals and I’m glad we have them I don’t think we need as much medical interventions with our births as we see happening today.The statistics are alarming and I feel like birth in the hospital has become a business. I definitely think I’ve made the right decision for my birth plan. Here is a link to a documentary film called “The Business of Being Born” I found very informative.

Link to my favorite Pregnancy Podcast, all episodes are phenomenal but this one talks about natural birth!


What I Ate: Healthy Fats from Whole Foods!! I personally don’t believe in low fat anything. I don’t eat low fat because the fats are essentially replaced with sugars which are worse. Foods with good fats like nuts, avocados and grass fed butters. One of my favorite things was plain full fat greek yogurt, peanut butter and a mixed nut butter, cinnamon and a tiny bit of honey!! Cinnamon is naturally sweet and good for blood sugar regulation! I also focused on foods that help my baby’s brain develop like (salmon roe) since that’s a big focal point of her development during this time in pregnancy! Here are a few links that provide more detailed info on fetal development and what to eat!

Fetal Development: I’m going to assume all Mommies and Daddies want to give their children the best life they can possibly provide and that responsibility starts the moment you find out you’re expecting. Different nutrients are more important at various times throughout pregnancy and if you’ve missed my 1st and 2nd blog I cover a few things important during the earlier stages but now we are to the third trimester which is all about BRAIN DEVELOPMENT, Neurological develop and early visual development  I’d say that ranks up there with the most important stages of growth. The active form of DHA (an essential fatty acid, meaning you have to get it via diet your body cannot make DHA) is super important during pregnancy but mostly in the third trimester because it plays a KEY role in your babies brain function potentially for the rest of their lives. A purified fish oil supplement is a great source of EPA & DHA. Other foods that contain these EFA’s (essentail fatty acid’s) are as follows



-Salmon Roe





-Grass Fed Beef

-Grass Fed Butter


-Fetal Neurological Development

-Fetal Early Vision Development

-Prevent Pre-term Labor & Delivery

-Lower Risk of Preeclampsia

-Healthy Birth Weight

-Decreases Mother’s Risk of Depression

-Possible Decrease in Postpartum Mood Disorder

-Needed for Breast Milk Production

I’ve included a link to an article that explains this all in more detail

Cravings: Time to be honest!! For whatever reason I really craved sweets for about 7-10 days. I enjoyed frozen yogurt and I did stop at whole foods and get an organic full fat vanilla ice cream and I mixed peanut butter with it and it was SO good! I also craved Whole foods moon pies once and I asked Papa to go get them for me lol, he gladly obliged saying “I have to do at least one pregnancy craving run before you have the baby” we laughed. Other than that I stuck to fruits and honey and fortunately it passed and I wasn’t craving the sweets anymore. Opting for fruits and eating healthy fats helped me combat the bad cravings!!

Weight Gained: 28lbs


Things I miss: Recently I’ve been missing wine, I really didn’t miss it my entire pregnancy but lately I can say I’m REALLY looking forward to having a glass or two after I have my daughter! I’m also still missing rolling around on the mat but I think that goes without saying lol.

Highlights: Getting the Baby’s room painted! I decided to put thick gray and white stripes on one wall and it’s came out so nice! Now we just have to get the rest of the room put together!

Looking Forward To: Going Up to Washington to visit family and have a 2nd Baby shower for friends and family that couldn’t travel to Las Vegas.

Movement: I’m pretty sure we are going to have a hyper baby/child. They say you should count 10 movements within 2 hours, she blows that out of the water when she’s being active I’ve counted as many as 40 individual movements not including hiccups!!

Emotions: Feeling great! Best I have the whole pregnancy

Body Changes: My belly is really growing, it’s hard to breathe when I lay on my back so I definitely stopped doing that.

Clothing: As it’s warming up I’m loving long dresses, often accompanied by a high waisted belt to really accentuate my bump!

Best Purchases: Technically it was a gift from my friend Janelle, but it’s beautiful and I love it. I would have bought it myself had I known something like this existed! I wear it almost everyday now as a way to bond with my daughter. It’s a really beautiful, long necklace with a chime inside, it sort of sounds like a quiet wind chime when it moves around and I find myself playing with it a lot to make it chime away! The chime rests on the top of my tummy and the idea is that the baby can hear this noise and be soothed by it, not only while in the womb but after birth also. I love this idea and I think I’ll keep this piece of jewelry and give it to my daughter when she has her first child.

Link explaining a Harmony Ball Necklace


Best Pregnancy Hack: Shoes with good insoles! Invest! It helps with my back pain. I’ve heard Vanessa Merten (The pregnancy podcast host) talk about a particular brand called Mommy Steps and she has a promo code I plan on taking advantage off. I didn’t realize it would help so much until I wore a pair of rebooks with specifically focused comfortable insoles! Now I’m sold, I’ll be buying more for my other shoes!

Also can’t forget Maeband maternity pants band!! This little hack has allowed me to stay in my pre maternity pants! I was using a hair tie looped around the button on my jeans and through the hole and trying to find a shirt that wouldn’t show my ghetto attempt to fit my “going out” jeans with my growing baby belly.


Thanks for reading!! Until next week!!

-Miesha Tate

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