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What I learned: I really expected the 2nd trimester to start off with a surge of energy as everyone told me this was the blissful part of pregnancy. Not the case for me, I was tired for a good chunk of my 2nd trimester it wasn’t until about week 20 or so I started to feel more energized. This was also around the time that I had the results of my blood panel that informed me of my sluggish thyroid (hypothyrodism). My Midwife and Doctor are both all about natural remedies if at all possible and so am I so we upped the dose of natural pig hormone (not synthetic) I was taking and I also started taking a Thyroid Support supplement by ZHOU that contains Iodine. Turns our Iodine is a key nutrient for thyroid function, here’s an article that explains more!

It’s also crucial to have a properly functioning thyroid when your pregnant especially because improper thyroid function increases the odds of a first trimester miscarriage so don’t overlook this ladies please! Get the blood panel done and check its better to be safe than sorry! My midwife also checked my Vitamin D levels which were on point but many are deficient in this also! I’ve included a link to why proper thyroid function is important for your developing fetus.

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What I Ate: Now moving on from that rant! I wanted to talk about some nutritional focus’s I had based on my babies development during the 2nd trimester. For me this meant eating foods high in calcium, magnesium and vitamin D as well as Omega-3’s as the baby’s brain does a lot of developing during this time. Here is a list of foods that contain plenty of these nutrients!

• avocado

• broccoli

• green beans

• cabbage

• carrots

• Greek yogurt

• cheese

• dried fruit

• canned sardines

• peanut butter

• sunflower seeds

• pumpkin seeds

I also ate Salmon eggs, it’s so good for baby’s brain development! I learned that on a Joe Rogan podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patrick who recently had her first born child! She’s a genius btw! Here’s a link to that podcast, I highly recommend giving it a listen!

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Weight Gained: 22lbs so far

Things I miss: I found myself really missing Red Beer, like a bloody mary but with beer instead. I was craving this so bad I actually grabbed some Oduals (first time I’ve ever bought non-alcoholic beers) and I made myself a Bloody Beer, spicy and limey and delicious! It was the flavor I was craving not the alcohol so this totally satisfied me!

Also I really miss grappling, It’s the first time in my life since I started wrestling at 15 y/o that I can’t just get on the mat and go, but I just have to remember its a short time in the long scheme of it all!

Highlights: Finding out the baby’s sex!! We did a gender reveal party on Christmas Eve and it was seriously the best thing ever! Baby GIRL!!

Movement: Very busy baby! I felt the first movement at 15.5 weeks, Daddy felt her at 16 weeks (a lot earlier than normal for a first time pregnancy) and she hasn’t slowed down.


Emotions: Felt more stable, hormones have calmed down some thank goodness!!!!

Body Changes: I’m definitely showing by the end of my 2nd trimester, if I wear a sweatshirt I could probably still hide it but I’m finding I love my baby bump and I’d rather embrace the bump!

Clothing: I’ve been hanging onto my pre-maternity clothes, pretty much sticking to my leggings and I’ve out grown all my bra’s but one!! So I’m living in sports bra’s

Best Purchases: BELLY BANDS!!!! Daddy got me 2 belly bands for Christmas and I wear them religiously I wash one and I have the other one on almost all the time, it just feels so good to have the extra support, I’m not a big fan of maternity pants I have 1 pair and I feel like it pulls down on my tummy as opposed to the belly band that just provides support.

Next absolute best purchase was this pregnancy pillow, seriously UH-mazing! Daddy also bought me this for Christmas and I swear it’s never leaving my bed again. He’s always trying to steal it though bc it’s so comfy! JK he does use it when he can but he knows I got dibs!

Best Pregnancy Hack: Maeband pregnancy pants band!! This little hack has allowed me to stay in my pre maternity pants! I was using a hair tie looped around the button on my jeans and through the hole and trying to find a shirt that wouldn’t show my ghetto attempt to fit my “going out” jeans with my growing baby belly.


Thanks for reading!! Until next week!!

-Miesha Tate

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