Corinda Hicks is the mother of a four year old boy and is attending Great Basin College. She is working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. Upon graduation, she would like to work at a local school as a Family Coordinator or Student Support role. Ultimately, she would like to continue her education to obtain her Master’s and become a School Counselor.

What is your passion and mission in life?

Choosing to become a mother was and is still the most terrifying, rewarding, life-altering moment in my life. Every day I learn something new about myself, my passion to be a better person, how to appreciate my strength, and my ability to overcome any obstacle. My mission in life was to be successful, earn money, and have a beautiful home—the perfect image of what success is portrayed to us. After having my son, what it means to be successful changed. Now my passion in life is to raise my son to be a good person. Not raise him to be a doctor, lawyer, or scientist, but be a good person inside and out. 

What is your biggest hardship and how did you overcome it?

My childhood was the epitome of what generational abuse and trauma is. I waited years to have a child, for fear of continuing the cycle of emotional trauma, terrified of damaging him or not being enough for him. All of that changed when he was born. Facing the biggest obstacle in my life, single motherhood, I had no idea what I was doing or where to begin. That is what drove me to further my education. In all aspects of life, education gives the tools to become a better person. Social work classes taught me to be more understanding of others, Psychology taught me to realize my own shortcomings, English taught me how to articulate my needs or troubles to others and Anthropology taught me to be open to different cultures and appreciate their beauty. All of which have made me a better parent. 

Being a mother, going to college, and working full time have shown me what true strength is. Ten years ago I would have never imagined I would be where I am now. I don’t just want to prove to myself, that I can get a degree while still being a great mother, but prove it to others. I want to show others that success and empowerment come from yourself, not the worth other people place on you. I live in a very small community located between two Native American reservations in South Dakota. The challenges and hardships that many women face here are heart-wrenching. I want to set an example for those young girls, to show them that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself.

How has this adversity affected raising children?

My biggest hardship of becoming a lost, scared, confused single mother, has led to my passion and mission and education is the way to fulfilling it. Raising my son to be a good person, making myself a better person in the process, and trying to empower those around me is what I want to do with my life. The idea that you have to change the world to make a difference is outdated. Taking the time to help, listen, or care for one person may be the thing that changes that person’s world. That is what success is. That is how we empower one another. 


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