“It has become my passion to help young girls to see the world and be exposed to the opportunities that I was blessed with, and led to my success in my career. Having watched my mother make countless sacrifices to see her daughter happy, I hope to help some families do the same for their daughters.”

– Natasha Hastings

Every year there are devastated high school athletes that have worked tirelessly to qualify for the national level track and field events. When hit with all the additional costs, they are unable to compete at the level they have earned and deserve. These national events lead to success in track, school and in life. Following nationals, many of the athletes are later able to compete for scholarships to Division 1 colleges, further catapulting them forward in life. Their financial limitations may hinder their future as your next surgeon, firewoman, scholar, or even president. The Natasha Hastings Foundation (NHF) was created in order to provide financial assistance to young women who have qualified for their high school nationals, but are unable to afford the costs.

Natasha Hastings is an Olympic, World and US National Champion Track and Field Sprinter. She specializes in the 400 and 4×400 meter relay events and has MANY accolades to her name.  Some of the hats Natasha wears are; Gold Medalist, World Champion, Philanthropist, Brand Ambassador, Mentor and soon to be Mother. Amidst all her successes, her true passion and heart lies with the creation of her non-profit, The Natasha Hastings Foundation.

Growing up in New York City, Natasha Hastings found her love of running at the tender age of nine. During High school her competitive fire was lit and she won the 2003 USATF Junior Nationals and the IAAF World Youth Championships in the 400 meters. As parents of student athletes know, those titles come with a price. Entry and travel fees, gas, flights, rental cars and food were some of the costs of her accomplishments.  As a result of her parents’ divorce, her mother would make countless sacrifices to ensure her and her brother’s needs were always met. With her mother’s support, Natasha’s own fundraising, and an abundance of talent and passion, she was able to create a life she could have never dreamed possible without Track and Field. Natasha continued her running career with a scholarship to the University of South Carolina. She obtained a degree in Exercise Science and continued to set records and add titles to her name.

Not only has Track and Field built the core of the phenomenal and inspiring woman Natasha is, it has also provided her with amazing life experiences many are not exposed to, largely because of cost. She credits her high school athletic career in helping to build the remarkable athlete and woman we see now. As a result, she created The Natasha Hastings Foundation (NHF), in order to provide financial assistance to young women who have qualified for their high school nationals but may not otherwise be able to afford attending.

NHF offers so much more than scholarships. They hope to provide a “starting block for girls to become women of confidence in sport and life.” Their vision is to create “generations of girls brought up with the confidence to accomplish their deepest desires, who become self-loving women, reaching their full potential and inspiring others.” Through her foundation, Natasha also offers a mentor program for young girls looking for a safe space, helping them learn to love themselves and showing them they are not alone. The NHF is so much bigger than a scholarship. It will truly help build successful, confident and smart women.

Each year Maeband chooses a non-profit for our Charitable Campaign. During that time, we donate to our charity of choice, $1 for every Maeband pregnancy belly band sold. There are so many charitable causes that are worthy, but this year we were looking for inspiration, passion, and something to be excited about. The more we learned about Natasha and her foundation, the more we knew her non-profit was the one Maeband would be proud to support. Not only is the foundation inspiring, the founder is a remarkable woman that has no end to what she can accomplish!

Maeband is pleased to announce we are aligning with Natasha Hastings and The Natasha Hastings Foundation for our 2019 Charitable Campaign. We invite you to join us by sharing their scholarship information, following and supporting them on social media, attending their events, becoming a volunteer or sponsor, and donating directly or through the purchase of a Maeband belly band.

“Sport has taught me so much from responsibility to loving myself to building character. I went to college and earned a degree, because of sport. I’ve traveled the world because of sport. I’ve met great people and friends because of sport. Although, I’m still competing, I also like to point out that I have several friends that played in sport all through college, that are now doctors, lawyers, and nurses and more! The world is yours through sport!”

-Natasha Hastings


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