Chantae McMillan is a professional track and field athlete, who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics as part of the United States of America Heptathlon Team. She is currently training for the 2020 Olympics in Javelin, while starting and growing a family along the way.

What is your passion and mission in life?

My mission in life revolves around having purpose on this Earth while I am here and doing everything I was called to do! I am very passionate about doing everything, so often now, my plate’s always full and I have to remember to focus, get one thing done, and then conquer the next. I hope to expend all my athletic abilities and inspire others along the way to be better at what they want to accomplish.

What was your biggest hardship and how did you overcome it?

My biggest fear is that I am not going to live up to my potential. That motivates me to wake up every day and ask myself how I can continue to grow and get better that day.

My biggest hardship was rupturing my patellar tendon in August 2011. I had a great coach, who recommended me to a great physical therapist, who never doubted the journey we were on together. These two helped me stay focused for 9 months and make the 2012 Olympic team.

How has this adversity affected pregnancy and raising children?

My fear motivated me through this pregnancy to keep attacking as many days as possible. If I felt good, do a ton of things that day. If I felt sluggish, relax so I could attack the next day with more energy. Now, with my baby boy here, I take his schedule that I am on and I work with it! I never really sleep when he does because we are on a pretty good night sleep schedule, so I take advantage of those times he’s asleep and get my tasks done or exercises in!

How has Maeband helped you?

Maeband helped me continue to wear my favorite pants through my entire pregnancy and will help with my future pregnancies as well! From the beginning, I was not keen on investing in maternity clothes. I told myself I would just get away with wearing spandex, shorts, and tank tops, since it was a Spring/Summer pregnancy. Then, I remembered I couldn’t wear those quite everywhere I went, so in came Maeband to help me look presentable on occasion! I would wear pants from before and not feel like I might have a wardrobe malfunction at any moment with movement and feel comfortable period.


You inspire us. How can we continue to follow your story and learn more about you?

Pregnancy has been one of the biggest challenges for my body. My abs separated through my pregnancy, so jumping right into my regular ab routines, like I expected to, was out of the question! My goals now as an athlete are to train for javelin and to challenge my body in ways that are different from ways I have challenged myself in the past with the heptathlon.

My training for javelin is on track, with added rehab ab exercises. Now I am looking for those different challenges, such as more yoga in my life and possibly even an obstacle race or just a 5k! So I will continue my track career through 2020, then for sure replace that gap with other competitive events. I will admit, having a baby who I have to structure my schedule around is the biggest challenge currently!


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    A truly inspiring story in an aptly entitled blog section called ‘Empower’. A remarkable woman.

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