Each year in April people from all across the world gather together to run for a little boy ( whose life was taken much too soon from an irreversible and fatal disease that plagues one too many children, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).  Mitchell touched the hearts of many, as his father, Christopher, so tenderly described his son’s journey, from his tragic diagnosis, his significant and influential life, to his premature and devestating passing from acute heart failure at age 10. On March 2, 2013 Mitchell’s life had ended, but his spirit would live on through the deeply personal words and photos his father so graciously shared with us.

Mitchell taught us all with a wisdom far beyond his few short years here on earth. “When you see with your heart, you see everything that matters,” were his words that became etched in our souls. He simply summed up everything that’s truly important in this life when he proclaimed, “Be nice to each other and be glad your alive. Nothing else matters.” The stories come from Mitchell and his family, but their immense sacrifice soon becomes a part of you, changing who you are with each word read. Your heart quickly becomes split open, only to be filled with a deeper love for others and a greater appreciation for the little things, the most important things, the only things that truly matter in life. Too often we get caught up in our own daily cycles, just going through the motions while the people and things we care most about slip between our fingers. Realizing this happens far too often and being inspired to help, Christopher eventually developed software that helps people live a life of significance by helping them stay focused on their own core values, goals, and daily actions. (

Mitchell’s parents, Christopher and Natalie Jones, are the epitome of what it means to love and serve our fellow man. They are the perfect example of how one can use their own pain, hurt, and experiences to uplift, inspire, and help everyone around them. Instead of understandably allowing the pain of losing their child to harden their souls, they opened up their hearts to the world by sharing the legacy of Mitchell and dedicating their lives to helping others who are suffering from the overwhelming and destructive effects of DMD. Together they started Mitchell’s Journey Foundation, a foundation for hope, healing, and finding happiness. It is an organization to help raise awareness for Muscular Dystrophy and offer help and support to others who face similar struggles.

As a company, we have felt inspired to donate to the Mitchell’s Journey Foundation $1 from each Maeband pregnancy belly band sold throughout the year of 2017. We invite you to be forever changed by reading their stories, following their journey, and running with us in April.

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